Please does binance lab support Pivot app and it's team

BNB Trading Competition: 33,000 BNB + 10 iPhone XS Max Giveaway

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Happy New Year!!!

Be careful everyone

Happy New Year Everyone!The Binance Academy Security Survey competition has concluded and we are in the process of emailing the winners.Thank you all for your participation 🙂

Happy New Year! 😊 🎉💯

when binance will announce winners of trezor?

when binance will announce winners of trezor?

We aren't able to disclose any data of the winners as we take user data privacy very seriously. The winners have been contacted via email

oops i guess i didnt win

What’s happenin team good to be hear 👌🏻

i am new to this thank you....

Binance Will Support the Upcoming Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork

hi guys, I'd to know more about Binance Academy. Is there any info available? I'm looking to partner up and our foundation is firmly behind crypto 🙂

Binance Launchpad Will Feature New Projects in 2019

Thanks to Binance for supporting our efforts. This is a world 1st 🙂

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Admin help me plz

binance labs invested in pivot, but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily get listed on binance, or that binance is involved with it besides that investment.

but yes, Binance Labs did invest in Pivot. head to to see the other investments in Labs’ portfolio

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Funny you should ask that - Launchpad is relaunching very soon!! Head to to check out the 2 projects we will be launching in a few weeks time!

Binance Has Distributed December GAS, ONG, VTHO and NPXS

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